Quarter of workers say they would have to be hospitalised before taking a sick day

19 October 2017

According to the research, reported by HR News, almost a quarter (23%) of UK workers – around seven million people – say they would only take time off work if they were hospitalised and had no other choice.

Nine in ten (89%) UK workers say they’ve gone into work when feeling ill, a proportion which is virtually unchanged compared to 2016 (90%), suggesting employers’ efforts to improve wellbeing are failing to reduce ‘Presenteeism’ among employees.

The research revealed some of the key reasons why employees have come into the office when ill:

  • 69% said even though I felt unwell, I didn't think it was serious enough to warrant a day off
  • 34% said my workload is too great for me to have time off, even if I feel unwell
  • 22% said I worry about the financial implications of taking time off
  • 12% said other colleagues/senior members of staff make me feel guilty for taking time off even if I'm ill
  • 11% said I don't feel secure enough in my job/I feel too threatened by the risk of redundancy to take time off for illness

Read the full report from HR News.