Software developers PAYE for employers API workshop

23 November 2016

HMRC are building an API to allow third party software developers to read PAYE for employer’s data from HMRC and will be holding a workshop in London on Wednesday 30 November.

The idea is to allow you to compliment your existing payroll software, through which employers and agents make submissions to HMRC, with additional functionality. The API could allow you, for example, to show your employers or agents:

  • how much they owe for each tax month or period;
  • a history of their payments made to HMRC, and which tax months they were allocated to;
  • penalties;
  • interest.

HMRC’s SDS Team would like to meet with any software developers who would be interested in developing this functionality either as part of your existing payroll software, or in a separate application, to understand your needs, for example:

  • what kind of functionality you'd like the API to offer;
  • your preferences for API design (including learnings from previous HMRC APIs).

The SDS Team will be holding a workshop in London on Wednesday 30 November from 10am - 2pm (with lunch provided) at 25 Lavington Street, SE1 ONA.

Please email [email protected] if you would be interested in attending this workshop, along with your role in your organisation. Spaces will be confirmed for the first 10 recipients, and the Team will keep in touch with anyone else who shows an interest for future workshops, and surveys.