Statutory Maternity Leave and Child Care Vouchers

14 October 2016

14 October 2016

Following the decision of an Employment Appeal Tribunal (Peninsula Business services v Donaldson) regarding Child Care Vouchers (CCVs), salary sacrifice and maternity leave, HMRC is considering what guidance is needed. In the interim, they have confirmed the following:

“If CCVs are provided under an employment contract, outside the scope of a salary sacrifice scheme, then the vouchers must continue to be provided during maternity leave and other periods of family leave (other than unpaid parental leave).

There is legal authority that whether an employer must provide CCVs to a person participating in a salary sacrifice scheme in respect of a period when they are on family leave, depends on the terms of the contract of employment. In the Peninsula case, the contract said that an employee on maternity leave would not continue to receive CCVs. The judgment is only of direct relevance in dealing with similar contractual exclusions.

Employers are free to continue making payments into a salary sacrifice scheme to buy CCVs on behalf of an employee on family leave if they wish.

Use of CCVs that employees already have is not affected by the judgment.”

This information was published in the Employer Bulletin: October 2016.