Tackling Abuse within the Construction Industry – Virtual Think Tank Roundtable 6 July 2020

30 June 2020

The CIPP’s Policy and Research team are hosting a virtual roundtable on 6 July 2020, alongside representatives from HMRC, to discuss how the changes proposed by HMRC to tackle the abuse within the Construction Industry, will affect those that process CIS suffered via their PAYE.

During this session, we will look to cover the consultation paper which covers the following areas.

  • Chapter three explains a new power to allow HMRC to correct the CIS deduction amounts claimed by sub-contractors on their Real Time Information (RTI) Employer Payment Summary (EPS) returns and seeks views on the implementation process 

  • Chapter four sets out the changes to existing rules to clarify their meaning or expand their scope and asks whether there are other changes that could be made to tackle abuse of the CIS

  • Chapter five sets out some early ideas around construction supply chains and asks whether they would help prevent tax loss and so merit further consideration

This event is aimed at anyone who works within construction, who operates within the CIS, or who represents construction businesses. HMRC is particularly keen to hear from sub-contractor employers who off-set CIS deductions in-year against their employer liabilities, and larger contractors at the top of supply chains who would be most affected by the supply chain proposals.

To register your interest for this event, please email policy@cipp.org.uk

The Policy and research team have also put together a survey which covers this topic. A huge thank you to those that have already taken the time to complete this survey, and as a reminder to those who still wish to complete, the survey is currently still running.

The outcome of the round table and those responses collected from the survey, will form part of the CIPP’s reponse to the HMRC consultation paper.

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