Talking Points - Payrolling Benefits in Kind

18 May 2017


If you are thinking of starting to voluntary payroll your benefits in kind you will need to notify HMRC by registering via their registering online. You need to register before the start of the tax year you want to payroll for; so by 5 April 2018 for the 2018-19 tax year.


You must add the cash equivalent of the employees’ benefits to their pay and then tax them through your payroll. HMRC will make sure the value of the benefit is not included in your employees’ tax codes.

If you use the service you won’t need to use form P11D but you will still need to work out the Class 1A National Insurance contributions on benefits and complete form P11D(b).


Talking Points meeting

This meeting will provide a basic overview of payrolling benefits in kind. It will take a brief look at what happens when you submit a Full Payment Submission and how to use the payrolling benefits and expenses online service. There are two sessions running on Friday 26 May for this popular topic:


If you have any questions for our subject experts, please send them to [email protected] prior to the meeting, including the title of the meeting in the ‘Subject’ line of your email.

These interactive meetings will be run on the ‘CITRIX’ platform. The organiser will run through how to ask questions on the day.


If you have missed any of HMRC’s earlier Talking Points meetings, you can watch the recordings here.