Taxpayers targeted by HMRC rebate scam

08 January 2021

Ahead of the Self-Assessment tax return deadline, which is rapidly approaching, on 31 January 2021, taxpayers are being reminded to be wary of scams that are in operation, and in particular, to be cautious of a text message that is being circulated, which purports to be from HMRC, and offers a tax rebate.

A number of those who have been targeted have alerted others on social media to the existence of the scam, which involves the circulation of false text messages claiming that recipients are entitled to a “pending tax rebate”. The message then prompts them to follow a link to determine how much they are owed.

Taxpayers are reminded that HMRC will not advise them of tax rebates, and similarly, will not ask them to disclose personal or payment information either by email or text message. If there is any cause for suspicion, individuals should refrain from clicking on any links or providing any information, and should report the email, text message or phone call to HMRC.

It was confirmed that, as of4 January 2021, HMRC  had only received 6.6 million out of a total of 12.1 million returns as of that date. Subsequently, there have been calls for HMRC to extend the filing deadline by a minimum of a month.


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