The Apprenticeship is not a new concept

03 February 2020

The apprenticeship is not a new concept; it has been around for years. An apprenticeship is a system of training practitioners in a trade or profession. It usually utilises on-the-job training, which complements classroom training. It was a way for the employer to develop talent within the younger generation to ensure the craft was passed on successfully and didn’t become diluted in quality or craftsmanship; to safeguard the competences continued to be passed through the ages.

Nowadays, some of the benefits of the apprenticeship scheme include:

  • Gaining a recognised industry certificate
  • Gaining valuable industry experience while learning
  • Developing professional work-based skills; learning from the best in the industry
  • Applying those skills and using them in context, so they make sense and have meaning
  • Financial support to gain the certification
  • Support from the employer throughout the apprenticeship

There are other ways to develop skills and experience within the industry; but an apprenticeship provides a choice - an alternative route, and for many, it ticks the boxes for them to juggle personal and professional commitments without having to consider debts or loans.

Payroll is evolving as a profession and changing organically as we explore its family relations such as reward, recognition, finance, HR, and pensions. The advancement of technology means that the craft of payroll is changing too; becoming more reliant on software and less so on manual calculations and paper versions of information. The face of payroll could be entirely different in five years, especially if it advances at the rate of other technological revolutions.

Payroll isn’t always recognised as a profession in its own right, yet has many professionals within it. A profession is one that requires extensive training, specialised knowledge; work that requires ethical standards. However, payroll isn’t a career that is often considered for many youngsters. You don’t often hear teenagers say they want a career in payroll, but there is a career to be had.

As the ageing population of payroll start to consider retirement or to branch out into other related areas, the craft of payroll will need to attract new generations to follow in their footsteps to avoid the knowledge and skills gaps essential to ensure that we keep getting paid accurately and on time.

Fortunately, the Apprenticeship in Payroll Administration is available for newcomers into the industry to cut their teeth and start their career. It provides the opportunity for apprentices to learn skills, knowledge and behaviours to become competent in the craft of payroll, all while learning the fundamentals ‘on the job’. This is the perfect opportunity to build the foundation to a progressive an exciting career in payroll.

The CIPP is delighted to support apprenticeship training providers EMA Training, MBKB Training and West Suffolk College in the development of new practitioners into the world of payroll. For more information on Apprenticeships and our partners, please visit