The challenge of Covid-19 at work…when work comes to your home

18 June 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has had, and continues to have, a massive impact on our personal and working lives.

The CIPP policy team believe that no knowledge is ever wasted and with that thought in mind are hosting a virtual meeting on 30 June 2020 to discuss the impact that Covid-19 outbreak has had on our work from the moment we were told by the Prime Minister Boris Johnson to ‘work from home where possible and only travel when absolutely essential’.

Your experiences shared during the virtual roundtable will be put forward into an article to be published in the CIPP monthly magazine, Professional in Payroll, Pensions and Reward (PiPPaR) and put forward to join other shared experiences within the Coronavirus hub. All contributions, whether they be oral or written will be anonymous unless you request otherwise.

No subject will be out of bounds, however, we have listed some questions and subjects that you may find useful in considering the impact Covid-19 has had on you. This isn’t an exhaustive list.

Furlough and the Coronavirus job retention scheme:

  • How time-consuming has it been to reach furlough agreements?

  • How difficult has it been to identify 80% of earnings etc for reclaiming under CJRS

  • How easy has it been for the CJRS claim file to be created?

  • To what extent has your payroll software been able to help?

  • Did the lack of clarity in the furlough rules prove problematic?

  • Have there been any overpayments to furloughed workers? And how will these be recovered?

  • Looking ahead to 1 July what concerns do have you for flexible furlough and the reducing level of government financial support?

Working conditions and relationships:

  • Have you and your colleagues worked at home throughout the lockdown?

  • Were you or any of your payroll / HR / Finance colleagues furloughed?

  • Was the equipment used at home suitable?

  • Were there any software and/or security issues?

  • How has your employer supported you?

  • Have you, your colleagues and employer have been able to maintain your integrity and high professional standards?

Government collaboration:

  • Do you feel as though the government and your employer have treated you as a key worker?

  • Do you think that it would be helpful were the government to consult to formalise the rules for paying staff during furlough period before another pandemic or crisis occurs?

CIPP comment

The virtual roundtable is being held on the afternoon of 30 June 2020 and invitations will be issued shortly to all to enable full, fellow and Chartered. To register your interest in attending this roundtable, please email [email protected]

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