The CIPP’s Payrolling of Benefits survey

23 June 2021

The CIPP’s Policy team regularly carries out research on the topics that are impacting the work of payroll professionals the most. We are currently looking for your feedback and views on the topic of the payrolling of benefits, and there is still time for you to respond to our survey.

We are currently working in conjunction with HMRC to assess how widespread the practice of payrolling benefits is. Do businesses use this method of reporting taxable benefits, or do they still use the ‘legacy’ P11D process? It could be the case that a business utilises a combination of the two methods.

The survey on the payrolling of benefits also explores the reasons behind why businesses use the process or processes that they do. We want to understand how widely deadline dates are known, and to establish how useful the guidance on the payrolling of benefits is, or if individuals are even aware that it exists!

We know that payroll professionals are extremely busy, but we would really appreciate you taking the time to respond to this survey. It should only take three minutes to complete, and you have until 30 June 2021 to do so. Thank you in advance for all of your input.


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