The CIPP’s Payslip Statistics Survey report 2021

06 July 2021

Results from the CIPP’s flagship piece of research, the Payslip Statistics Survey, are now available for you to read online. Discover what the current payslip trends are, and how they compare to those you observe within your organisation.

This year’s survey has been sponsored by Datagraphic, and the research has been launched on an annual basis since 2008. This has allowed the CIPP and the payroll community to monitor how payslips, their contents, and their distribution have evolved over the space of more than ten years.

Find the answers to questions such as:

  • What is the most common pay frequency?
  • What is the most popular method of payslip distribution?
  • Which method do organisations use to pay their staff?
  • What are the main complaints that payroll departments receive, both in relation to payslips and on a more general level?

Each year, the Payslip Statistics Survey incorporates a set of questions on topics that are impacting payroll departments right now. For 2021’s report, the focus was on changes to legislation and of course, the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS).

Find out if changes to the calculation of holiday pay, and the requirement to include details of hours worked which alter an individual’s pay on payslips have affected businesses. Also explore how many organisations had to place employees on furlough and, where they opted to top up employee pay above the government-backed amount, how this was denoted on payslips.

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