Insight into how companies utilise the Apprenticeship Levy

07 February 2020

National Apprenticeship Week 2020 has been underway since 3 February and will run until 9 February.  To celebrate this, the CIPP hosted a Quick Poll online to gain an insight into how companies have been utilising the Apprenticeship Levy, or if they have even used it at all!

The question below was posted on News Online for a duration of two weeks and attracted 119 responses. The breakdown of those responses is laid out below.

If you pay the Apprenticeship Levy, do you make use of the levy funds?

  • No - we don't use in any way: 48 (40%)
  • Yes – adapted existing apprentice programme: 34 (29%)    
  • Yes - designed a new cross organisation programme: 20 (17%)
  • Yes - access funds through the supply chain: 5 (4%)

For employers who don’t pay the levy, there was also the option of

  • Yes - access funds from a levy paying employer: 12 (10%)

The most frequently selected response was that which confirmed that Levy fee paying companies do not use the funds in the Levy in any way.

This reinforces research carried out by the Learning Curve Group, which the CIPP reported on earlier this week. The initial research highlighted that there were many misconceptions around what the word ‘apprentice’ means with companies frequently misunderstanding that the levy could only be used for entry level training for new entrants to the business.

It seems that there needs to be further education rolled out to discuss what can and can’t be paid for using the funds in the Levy, and the CIPP will endeavour to assist in communicating the message to ensure that companies are aware of this.


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