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  • 07 Feb 2024

The national minimum wage and apprentices: making sure we’re getting it right

Ensure you're aware of the interaction between the NMW and apprentices.

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  • 18 Jul 2023

Payment increase to the apprenticeships care leavers’ bursary

Payment will increase from £1000 to £3000, for new starts on 1 August 2023.

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  • 06 Jul 2023

Top UK apprenticeship employers celebrated

The top 100 apprenticeship employers and top 50 small and medium employers (SMEs) league tables, showcase the best apprenticeship programmes over the past 12 mo...

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  • 06 Jul 2023

Reminder: apprentice rates

In light of the recent minimum wage name and shame employers list by the government, it was found that 21% of employers paid the incorrect apprenticeship rate.