Acas guidance on overtime

25 June 2018

Acas has published new guidance on overtime which includes a reminder for those employers who want to rely on either guaranteed or non-guaranteed overtime that they should clearly set out in the terms and conditions of employment that the overtime is compulsory.

The new guidance from Acas covers:

  • Voluntary overtime

  • Compulsory and guaranteed overtime

  • Compulsory but non-guaranteed overtime

  • How much overtime a worker can work

  • Pay when working overtime

  • Alternatives to paying staff for working overtime

  • Overtime for part-time workers

  • Impact of overtime on holiday calculations


The guidance also highlights that while overtime may be worked for no additional pay, a worker's hourly rate must not fall below the National Minimum Wage.

An employer also needs to ensure that working additional hours to take the time back at a later date does not take their worker below the National Minimum Wage for that Pay Reference Period.


Read the new guidance from Acas.