Automatic enrolment: National Minimum Wage arrears for sleep-ins

02 May 2018

Some social care sector employers may not have been paying National Minimum Wage (NMW) for hours worked during overnight shifts where employees can sleep on the premises (sleep-in shifts).

This re-calculation means that some sleep-in staff may be eligible for automatic enrolment because they earn above the threshold of £10,000.

The Pensions Regulator has detailed guidance for employers and advisers (who have previous experience of automatic enrolment) who have identified that they owe staff arrears of NMW for sleep-in shifts.

The guidance takes you through the steps you need to follow to assess whether you need to put staff into a scheme for the first time (or put them back into one), and how to calculate the contributions owed.

National Minimum Wage arrears and automatic enrolment:

The CIPP has a one day training course covering the wider implications of the National Minimum Wage regulations to organisations and the risks of non-compliance.  Click here to book, or for more information.