Basic PAYE Tools

13 February 2019

The February 2019 release of the Basic PAYE tools (BPT) is an interim release to update the 2018-19 tax year to include the ability to declare Disguised Remuneration income.


As highlighted in the Employer Bulletin - February 2018, there is a notice on the home screen of the interim release explaining this but please note this release will not include access to the new tax year 2019-20.


There will be a further release on 29 March 2019 and this will be the normal Annual release of the tools and will include the new tax year 2019-20. This notice is intended to clarify the position and avoid any confusion as the releases are so close together.


Launch Warning on Apple MACs

HMRC’s Basic PAYE Tools (BPT) is a 32-bit application – and HMRC has recently become aware that Apple are updating their MAC OS’s to phase out support of 32-bit applications.


As a result of this – *some customers using BPT on Apple MACs (*depends on the version of MAC OS they are running) will see a warning message when they launch BPT (possibly only once – maybe periodically).


For the time being – there is no impact to the operation/functionality of BPT – once the user has clicked the ‘OK’ button on the warning message – BPT will launch and work as normal.


In the short term there is no risk to the operation of BPT and HMRC will be updating BPT in due course to ensure that it continues to work for customers using BPT on MAC computers.