The CIPP’s latest QuickPoll: Have you used HMRC's digital assistant whilst trying to understand and/or claiming through CJRS?

01 June 2020

As the range of measures introduced by the government to help the UK through the outbreak of coronavirus have dominated much of the work of payroll professionals of late, the CIPP wanted to see how many of you have been utilising HMRC’s digital assistant. We also wanted to establish whether those of you who have used the service found it useful or not, so the Policy and Research team has created a QuickPoll.

The online assistant asks a variety of questions and offers multiple choice responses to those questions. Users should select the option that applies most closely to them, until the assistant directs them to the guidance page most relevant to their situation.

We know that payroll teams up and down the country are working relentlessly to ensure that staff are paid correctly, and on time, and are aware of how busy you all are. We would really appreciate it if you could spare a moment of your time to provide a response to the QuickPoll to help us to determine how widely the digital assistant is being used and also how useful it is.

CIPP comment

The CIPP’s QuickPolls only allow respondents to give one short, simple answer to the question being posed. If you have any additional feedback on HMRC’s digital assistant, or similarly, on anything relating to the CJRS, then please share your experiences with the Policy and Research team, at [email protected]. We really value all the feedback we receive from members.