Common expenses and completing your tax return

02 August 2018

HMRC is hosting live webinars on how to complete your online tax return and how to claim car expenses.

There are also online support tools, including live and recorded webinars and videos.

For help available at any time, you can view these short videos on HMRC’s YouTube channel:

Your self-employed tax return

Calculating motor expenses

You can ask questions during live webinars by using the on-screen text box.

How to complete your online tax return: Thinking about sending your 2017-18 tax return early this year? With lots of hints and tips, this webinar will show you how to tailor your return, complete the self-employed page and send your tax return online.

Tuesday 7 August – 1 pm to 2 pm                      Book here

Car expenses and the self-employed: Find out what a business journey is, how to claim car expenses using the actual costs or flat rate method, lease charges and when to claim capital allowances.

Thursday 9 August – 1 pm to 2 pm Book here