75% of employers like to thank workers with a Christmas Reward

21 November 2018

The CIPP’s latest festive quick poll has revealed that three-quarters of respondents who provide a Christmas Reward to their staff, do so to say thank you.

The poll showed that 45% of respondents (67) do not provide any kind of Christmas reward (bah humbug some might say) but of the 55% who do provide a Reward, 75% do this to say thank you to their staff.

12% of those who responded provide a festive Reward for no other reason that it is just expected, however, 10% hope their Reward will help to engage their workforce and 4% hope to inspire them.

As with any of our poll results, we have to bear in mind that it is only a snapshot in time, from a certain number of people, from unknown industries as the poll is in an unrestricted area of our website. However, the results certainly indicate that most employers use their Christmas Reward to convey a positive message.

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