Flexible SSP – CIPP policy and research survey

17 April 2018

The CIPP policy and research team have published a survey that looks to gather early thoughts and opinion together with case studies in advance of a consultation to be launched later in the year.

This survey looks to gather early evidence about the current practice but also begin to look ahead to consider the cost and impact of change and the support that would be needed to implement change.


We know from the government’s response to the Green Paper consultation Improving Lives The Future of Work, Health and Disability that government ‘want to see a reformed SSP system which supports more flexible working … to help support phased returns to work including spacing out working days during a return to work, managing a long-term health condition, or recovering from illness.’

In its current form, SSP is inflexible and creates a financial disincentive for employees to consider some forms of phased returns to work.

In recognition of this an in response to the 2016 consultation we will see government:

  • Publish consultation on change needed, before introducing reform
  • Improve and better publicise existing guidance on SSP eligibility to ensure that employers and employees each understand their rights and responsibilities
  • Consider Matthew Taylor’s recommendations about SSP eligibility and the way entitlement is accrued and about sickness absence management

CIPP comment

We know that any change brings with it an administrative burden but we know from the earlier DWP survey that change to the current SSP scheme is welcomed; many would say long overdue, including the name perhaps?

Examples of good practice and exemplar absence management schemes are also welcome, either within the survey as space is provided for you to share your narrative, or you can share your story directly by emailing us at policy.  

Further examples of good practice and exemplar absence management schemes – or otherwise - are also welcomed.

Did your new software play a part in revamping your absence management? Was it a member of the team? Could it have been through sheer determination of improvement needed or simply further demonstration of good teamwork in action?

Whatever your story please share it with us, there is space within the survey or you can share your story directly with the policy and research team. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.