Gumtree Jobs research highlights 25% gender pay gap in hospitality sector for low-income jobs

14 November 2019

The hospitality industry has been identified as the sector with the largest gender pay gap, with women earning an average of £12,322 per year compared to men, where the average was £15,459.

The issue isn’t confined to those working within hospitality, as there are also disparities between the pay of males and females working within fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and retail. Men earn 24% more pay than their female counterparts with average pay of £16,222 compared to £13,094. Females in teaching and education roles confirmed average salaries of £15,376 as opposed to males who commanded an average of £18,953, this equates to a difference of 23%.

The area in which the pay gap was the smallest was in computing and IT roles where men received an average of 6% more than women - £20,641 against £19,483.

The report, entitled Hidden heroes: Discovering the unsung workforce driving the UK economy’  collected responses from employees in the UK earning below £30,000. There were 354,216 respondents and the report showed that there is a very real gender pay gap, particularly in low-income jobs. Additional findings show that 42% of female respondents were paid below £15,000 per year in comparison with 23% of men.

The Fawcett Society, a charity that wants to tackle the issue of outright pay discrimination, has confirmed that they are marking today as Equal Pay Day.