Half of employers cover the full cost of Xmas party

28 November 2018

The CIPP’s latest festive poll reveals that nearly half of employers cover the full cost of a staff Christmas party, with nearly a fifth contributing in part.

However, the poll also revealed that a third pay nothing at all. Bah humbug some might say but we don’t know the reasons behind these responses.

We ran the poll for 1 week and received 284 responses.


Cost is always going to be the major factor that an employer must consider. It could be that staff have had a pay rise which they value over a festive work celebration, or there could be an alternative seasonal gift that is offered.

Which brings us neatly to our new poll asking what will you be expecting from your employer this Christmas? So, if you haven’t already, please do take a moment to answer our current festive quick poll (to the right of this, and every, news item).


Please do bear in mind that our polls are just a snapshot in time, a one question quick poll which does limit the responses and does not cater for follow up; however, results can help provide an indication of a trend at a certain time or identify areas that may be of issue.