HMRC webinars on getting payroll right and filing obligations

28 August 2018

HMRC’s webinars will give you the guidance you need on employer responsibilities, including providing accurate payroll information and regular reporting to HMRC.

With live and recorded webinars, HMRC has everything you need to help you get it right as an employer.


Getting payroll information right

It’s important to provide HMRC with accurate information when sending payroll reports. Avoiding common mistakes can save you time, ensuring your payroll runs smoothly. Learn more in this live webinar.

We‌dne‌sd‌ay 2‌9 Au‌gu‌st – 3.3‌0p‌m t‌o 4.3‌0p‌m - Book now


Employer Filing Obligations

HMRC will tell you when and how to send your Full Payment Submission (FPS) and Employer Payment Summary (EPS), outlining the importance of filing reports to HMRC on time in this popular live webinar.

Th‌ur‌sd‌ay 3‌0 Au‌gu‌st – 3p‌m t‌o 4p‌m - Book now

To ask questions during the live webinars please use the on-screen text box.

You can also catch up with this recorded webinar on 'other employer responsibilities'  – available when you are.

Not joined a webinar (online presentation) before? This guide will tell you what you need to do.


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