HMRC webinars: business expenses

16 October 2020

HMRC is hosting several webinars on a range of different business expenses to help self-employed individuals to ensure that they are recording those expenses correctly.

The webinars will provide facts on which expenses can be claimed, and how they should then be added onto Self-Assessment tax returns.

On each webinar, there will be the opportunity to raise any questions within the on-screen tax box.

Capital Allowances for the self-employed

This webinar is aimed at individuals who use traditional accounting and will instruct how to claim for longer-life items purchased for businesses, for example, vans, machinery and computers.

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Car expenses for the self-employed

This webinar examines the two main methods of claiming car expenses, and also provides examples of how they are calculated. Hire and lease cars are also discussed.

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Business expenses for the self-employed

This will be a run through of the most frequently used expenses, and will demonstrate how they are calculated correctly for the purposes of Self-Assessment tax returns.

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