Help to Save accounts – emails from research agency working with HMRC

04 June 2018

During June 2018 HMRC will work with independent research agency Kantar Public. The agency will carry out research with customers who have opened a Help to Save account.

The research will look to understand the behaviour of customers who have joined the scheme.

You’ll receive an email from Kantar Public if you’re chosen for the study, inviting you to take part in the research.

The first email will only ask you to confirm:

  • your name

  • if you would like to take part

  • your telephone number

It will not ask for any financial information.


To help you know whether or not an email is genuine from HMRC, or from organisations they are working with, such as Kantar Public, they include within their guidance on ‘HMRC contact and recognising phishing emails’ a current list of digital and other contact issued from HMRC. This has been updated to reflect the ‘help to save’ information above.