HMRC webinars: Expenses and benefits

24 May 2018

Find out about expenses and benefits, from the basics to specific benefits, by joining HMRC’s live, interactive webinars. You can ask questions during all live webinars by using the on-screen text box.

Expenses and benefits – an introduction

For employers who are new to the topic, this introductory webinar provides an overview of what expenses and benefits are, which are taxable or non-taxable, what records to keep and where to get more help.

Tu‌esd‌ay 2‌9 M‌a‌y – 11a‌m to m‌id‌da‌y  Book now

Expenses and benefits – case studies

Using typical examples, on medical insurance, personal bills, vouchers and credit cards, this webinar gives an outline of how to deal with benefits you provide to your employees.

We‌dn‌esd‌ay 30 M‌a‌y – 9.30a‌m to 10.30a‌m  Book now

Expenses and benefits – trivial benefits

This webinar uses examples to explain what trivial benefits are, whether they need to be reported and what your responsibilities are.

We‌dn‌esd‌ay ‌30 M‌a‌y – 2p‌m to 2.45p‌m  Book now

PAYE: End of year expenses and benefits (P11D)

For employers who didn’t payroll their employees’ benefits in 2017/2018, we’ll use examples of some of the more common benefits to show you how to complete parts of the form P11D, including car and car fuel, vans, employees using their own vehicles, medical insurance and more.

Th‌ur‌sd‌ay 3‌1 M‌a‌y – 2p‌m to 3p‌m  Book now


Not joined a webinar (online presentation) before? This guide will tell you what you need to do.


P60s - 31 May deadline

Finally, here’s a short video on 'how to issue a P60 to your employee'. This must be done by 3‌1 M‌a‌y for employees working for you on the last day of the 2017/2018 tax year.