Industry liaison update from The Pensions Regulator

05 July 2018

Did you know that The Pensions Regulator (TPR) has an industry liaison team? They support payroll service providers and employers with their workplace pensions and automatic enrolment duties.

HMRC’s recent tax agent Blog highlights that TPR’s industry liaison team supply speakers for a wide range of events in both the private and public sectors - you can request a speaker here.

The author of the Blog invited TPR to share their latest news and talk about some of the interactive services they offer:

Tax relief guidance

We know that some employers are still applying the wrong type of tax relief to their employees’ pension contributions.

Some pension providers may offer a choice of tax relief, while many others only offer one type – for example, NEST only offers Relief at Source. If you’re running a payroll, don't assume that you know whether Relief at Source or Net Pay Arrangement should be used, but get confirmation. If your client is new to pensions they may not even know which one should be used. So, if in doubt, check with the pension provider. Find out more on tax relief for members’ contributions.

Improved online declaration portal now live

The Pension Regulator’s new declaration of compliance portal went live on 13 April. It’s now really easy to make a single declaration for one employer. It’s also much quicker if you’re logging in to submit multiple declarations or want to pick up where you left off with one.

You’ll have to change your password, when logging in for the first time on the new portal – just follow the simple onscreen instructions. You’ll also need to know the email address used for the original agent registration, as this is the username for your account. If you have more than 200 clients, you’ll need to look them up individually, as the new portal only shows a list if you have less than 200 clients.  Go to the new portal.