More people sign up to Payroll Giving

16 July 2019


According to data released by HMRC, the number of people who have signed up to Payroll Giving increased by 52,000 in 2018/19 compared to the previous year.


Payroll Giving is a way of giving money to charity without paying tax on it. It must be paid through PAYE from someone’s wages or pension.


The list of organisations that are approved and monitored by HMRC for the purposes of Payroll Giving has recently been updated. The list can help you to promote Payroll Giving in the workplace, whether using a professional fundraising organisation, staff champions or a chosen charity.


The list doesn’t include all approved Payroll Giving agencies, only those that ask to be included. Some agencies restrict services to particular employers and do not take on other employers. Approved agencies that are not listed here will be able to produce a letter of approval from HMRC if required by employers.


You can find out more about payroll giving on GOV.UK.