Minimum wages - how confident are you with your processes?

28 February 2018

From April 2019 employers will be required to include on payslips the number of hours worked by the employee for which they are being paid, but only in situations where the employee’s pay varies as a consequence of the time worked.

The Employment Rights Act (1996) is being amended to add to the list of particulars which must be included in the itemised pay statement, which an employee has a right to be given.

A consultation is also currently running in response to the Taylor review on measures to increase transparency in the UK labour market. The review recommended, ‘a payslip for all workers’ and the government has accepted this and how best to implement this change, is being explored through this consultation.

CIPP comment

It is an important time to get involved and make sure you are compliant now with minimum wages and have plans in place to adhere to the changes going forward.

Join the CIPP, IES and Eversheds-Sutherland for a half-day briefing on minimum wages. Areas covered include the consequences of a trebling in minimum wage jobs, increasing enforcement, current issues and reviewing your employment and reward models.

For full details of when and where these events are being held and to book your place, go to Eversheds-Sutherland.