12 May 2023

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has updated the list of named tax avoidance schemes, promoters, enablers and suppliers.

The below schemes have been added as of 11 May 2023:

  • Collect Consulting Limited (Incorporated in Isle of Man)
  • Connections Ltd (Incorporated in Isle of Man)
  • First Step Consulting Limited (Incorporated in Isle of Man)
  • Simply Consulting Ltd (Incorporated in Isle of Man)
  • Total Recruitment Services Ltd (Incorporated in Isle of Man).

A new section 'Evidence of marketing material used by tax avoidance promoters and suppliers' has also been added. This will include, but is not limited to, marketing and communication materials such as emails, letters and newsletters that promoters and suppliers of tax avoidance schemes often use to explain and justify how a scheme is claimed to work.

In addition to this, HMRC recently named two Belize registered companies as promoters of a tax avoidance scheme in the UK. Read more on this here.

Please note that if a tax avoidance scheme is not shown in the list, this does not mean that the scheme works or is in any way approved by HMRC. You can also report a tax avoidance scheme to HMRC.

You can also read more on what you can do to reduce the risk of using a non-compliant umbrella company and how to find out about the warning signs of mini umbrella company fraud.

Information provided in this news article may be subject to change. Please make note of the date of publication to ensure that you are viewing up to date information.