New starter checklists published

24 February 2021

HMRC has published new starter checklists for use from 6 April 2021.

The Starter checklist for PAYE is available here.

The PAYE: expat starter checklist is available here.

The forms that are to be used up until 5 April 2021 will be removed in due course, and in order to clearly highlight the ‘old’ and ‘new’ versions, the checklists have been marked “for use up to 5 April 2021” for tax year 2020-21 and “for use from 6 April 2021” for tax year 2021-22.

Both the starter checklist for PAYE and the PAYE: expat starter checklist have been updated to include information relating to the new Scottish student loan plan type four, which will be implemented from 6 April 2021.


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