No change to P45 for Postgraduate Loans

21 September 2018

HMRC was considering changes to the P45 to allow for this introduction of Postgraduate Loan repayments from April 2019; however, the Software Developers Support Team (SDST) has confirmed that there will be no change.

In July SDST provided an overview of how the postgraduate loan repayments will work from April 2019. Included in the overview was the news that the form P45 was to be reviewed.

HMRC has now conducted this review and decided that it will not make any changes; so the Student Loan tick box currently on the P45 should be completed to indicate that the employee has a loan, be that a Student Loan, Postgraduate Loan or both.

Changes to form P60 are still under discussion and information will be shared as soon as a decision has been made.