Non-receipt of payslips for UK employees between 2016-2018 for 9% of UK staff

01 October 2019

Moorepay have collated data from The Resolution Foundation and discovered that 9 % of UK employees did not receive payslips in the period from 2016 to 2018.


As payslips are a legal requirement and must be provided to employees on or before their pay date, this is of serious concern and raises significant questions around compliancy within UK businesses. The issue seems to be prevalent within small & medium businesses, with higher levels of non-compliance surrounding payslips in companies employing less than 250 staff.

The legislation surrounding the contents of payslips was amended at the turn of the current tax year to ensure further transparency of pay to employees. The current rules surrounding payslips are that all types of worker are now entitled to an itemised pay statement, inclusive of zero hour, bank and agency staff and also that there must be a visible separation between different rates of pay and the hours applied to that pay rate.  In scenarios where companies are failing to provide their employees with payslips it does raise the question of whether or not this has been directly influenced by a lack of compliance relating to National Minimum Wage and adherence to the new rules surrounding itemised pay statements.




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