Onboarding chatbot launched to answer FAQs for new employees

31 October 2018

Talmundo has just announced its newest product feature - an onboarding chatbot to help its customers better respond to their new hires’ most frequent questions.

Ranging from the basic ‘’How do I get to the office?’’ to the more particular ‘’Where can I find my payslip?’’ to office and department specific questions such as ‘’How does the performance evaluation system work?”, the chatbot, baptised 'Eva', is able to fill busy new hires in on all the important details for their new job.


Taking into account factors like the location of a new hire’s office as well as their job title and seniority, Eva’s responses are tailored to suit individual needs and bring a more personal hiring experience to the new employee. Eva also offers flexibility to companies as she can be renamed and her look changed according to each company’s brand guidelines. She is currently available in English, French and Dutch, but will be learning more languages in the months to come.

The new feature is equally useful for HR Managers as Eva provides valuable insights into the kind of information new hires need and the point in time when they need it, by carefully documenting this information and making it available on the Talmundo admin dashboard for HR administrators. The chatbot will also assist in the administrative aspect of the onboarding process and reminds new hires about any forms they have yet to fill in or tasks left to complete.


‘’Eva came about as a result of our in-house innovation combined with years of experience in helping our clients use HR technology to onboard their new employees. It has always been our goal to make the onboarding process more interactive and engaging for new hires, and inventing Eva was the next step in that direction’’

said Stijn De Groef, CEO of Talmundo.


Read the full press release here.