Online course on becoming an employer

11 November 2016

Did you know that HMRC provides an online course which provides all the information needed on becoming an employer?

The online course takes you through everything you need to know from:

  • registering with HMRC,
  • taking on staff,
  • running a payroll,
  • statutory payments,
  • expenses and benefits,
  • staff leaving,

right through to year-end tasks.

Follow this link to also find a whole host of additional support and services from HMRC such as:

  • Employer email alert service
  • Business help and education emails
  • Videos
  • Webinars on topics like:
    • Starting your own business
    • Using Basic PAYE Tools for the first time’
    • Payrolling benefits in kind - an overview
    • Company directors: HMRC and Companies House - working together for you
    • Statutory Shared Parental Pay and Leave
    • Business record-keeping
    • Help and advice.