Payroll Technician Certificate : Additional Content Survey

03 July 2020

The CIPP’s Payroll Technician Certificate (PTC) has been a long-standing and highly regarded component of the CIPP’s qualification portfolio with thousands of students successfully achieving the qualification over the past decade.

However, the payroll and pension industries are becoming ever more complex with incessant legislative changes and technological advances. A direct consequence is the need to ensure the Payroll Technician Certificate evolves to encompass the additional subjects that the modern payroll administrator is required to learn and apply. Your opinion on the direction the Payroll Technician Certificate should evolve in is vital for determining which of these subject areas are most relevant for inclusion.

Therefore, you are invited to complete a short questionnaire to provide your valued views on this matter. The subject areas suggested for inclusion within this questionnaire are drawn from preliminary findings gained on this exact subject from the CIPP’s Market Insight Survey, published in November 2019.

Opinions on this subject are sought from all payroll professionals, though responses are particularly welcomed from current or previous Payroll Technician Certificate students, their employers or those who are considering completing the qualification.

It is not the intention to remove existing subject matter from the Payroll Technician Certificate to “make room” for potential existing subject matter; instead, any additional material will be developed as optional modules which students can opt to undertake on top of the existing syllabus. For more details on the current content of the Payroll Technician Certificate, please click here.

It must be stressed that as personal details are not required for this questionnaire, nor are they stored on the software used. It will, therefore, not be possible to withdraw your answers once submitted.

Nonetheless, the information provided will remain anonymous and be kept in accordance with Data Protection Act 2018 and only used for quantifiably analysing the merits of including the subject matter posed within the Payroll Technician Certificate.

The questionnaire should take no longer than five minutes to complete and will be open until 23:45 on Monday 20 July 2020.

I thank you in advance for your support. Your opinions can make a real difference to the continued success of the CIPP and help ensure we continue to focus our efforts on the support of current and future payroll and pension professionals.


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