Software developers: Recognition for RTI and for Expenses and Benefits

31 May 2019


HMRC’s Software Developer Support Team (SDST) is asking for applications to be sent in for 2019-20 RTI recognition.


“In January 2020, SDST updated the RTI technical specifications with details of the RTI Recognition process for 2019-20.  The Recognition process for Expenses and Benefits (EXB) for 2018-19 was updated earlier.


We keep under review the list of payroll software suppliers and products here, and will shortly be removing details of suppliers/products which have not successfully renewed their Recognition.


If you had Recognition for your submission product for the previous year and have not yet renewed this for the new tax year, please get your application to us on or before 28 June 2019.  Instructions can be found in the 2019-20 section of the RTI technical specifications here;  for 2018-19 EXB, please refer to the specifications here.


Please note that the deadline is for receipt of applications, not for completing the Recognition process.  Applications received by the deadline will be acknowledged by SDST and reviewed in the weeks following.


If your product has not had Recognition before, we would encourage you to apply.  SDST will be pleased to help you with the process and there is no deadline for new applicants.”