Best foods to eat to keep calm at work

06 June 2018

When you are feeling stressed at work do you turn to comfort foods to feel better?

There are a wide variety of healthy foods out there that have stress-relieving effects and won’t damage your health try eating calming foods throughout the day to help you relax. Avoid turning to comfort foods to feel better.

It is claimed that asparagus contains folic acid and is good for fighting stress and anxiety. Avocados are rich in stress-relieving B vitamins, which are essential for healthy brain cells and nerves. It is also possible that feelings of anxiety originate from B vitamin deficiency. Almonds are rich in B2 and E which boost the immune system when stressful occasions arise and are a perfect snack. Almonds also contain zinc which helps to balance your mood, iron to fight brain fatigue and healthy fats for a balanced diet.

So next time you are feeling stressed will you be reaching for the almonds or the chocolate?

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