Flexible working and family-related leave and pay policies

14 August 2019

One of the areas of the Good Work Plan includes proposals to improve the transparency of flexible working and family-related leave and pay policies.


The consultation ‘Good Work Plan: Proposals to support families’ also covers two other areas:


  • Parental leave and pay
  • Neonatal leave and pay

The CIPP policy team will be asking for your views on both of these areas in forthcoming surveys.


Transparency: Flexible working and family-related leave and pay policies

After reviewing the consultation document, we will not be surveying members and the wider payroll profession on the third area, relating to measures which aim to improve access to flexible working for all. This area asks about:


  • Employers publishing their family-related leave and pay and flexible working policies; and
  • Whether there should be a requirement for employers to consider advertising jobs as flexible.

This is an area that HR will need to be heavily involved in and with the volume of recently published consultations, and consequent CIPP surveys which contain many elements relating to the payroll function, we have made the decision to signpost you to complete the government’s survey, if you wish to provide feedback.



Responding to the consultation

The closing date for this consultation is 11 October and you can respond online through this link, where there is also the option to respond in writing using a word document.