HMRC launches tax education programme in Welsh

05 April 2018

Junior Tax Facts, which is already available in English, consists of an engaging animation and a supporting teachers’ pack, to teach children aged eight to 11 years old about where money comes from to pay for all the things that are essential to them, their families and communities – like local transport, the police, doctors and their school.

It also gives children the opportunity to practice important skills they’ll need in later life, including communication and listening, literacy and numeracy, and negotiating and debating.

Junior Tax Facts has increased students’ understanding of what HMRC does and why the tax is collected. Data collected from schools using the programmes shows:

  • 97% of children know who HMRC are compared with 3% before studying Junior Tax Facts
  • 88% of children know why we collect tax compared with 12% before
  • 83% of children know taxes are spent on things that are important to them, their families and society compared to 17% before