HMRC webinar: payrolling benefits

11 August 2020

HMRC is running a number of webinars to help employers to get to grips with the payrolling of benefits.

Taxing employee benefits through payroll is promoted as an easier way for workers to clearly see that they’re paying the correct amount of tax each pay period and saves employers the time associated with having to deal with P11Ds. The webinars will assist employers by showing them how to register to payroll benefits, and what happens after registration, alongside examples.

The webinar discusses the advantages associated with the payrolling of benefits for both employees and employers. Attendees have the option of raising any questions they may have in the on-screen text box during the webinar.

Almost all benefits in kind can now be payrolled, but businesses must register by 5 April 2021 if they intend to begin payrolling benefits in tax year 2021-22.


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