HMRC educational support for employers on the subject of Statutory Payments

03 August 2018

Questions can be asked during the live webinars using the on-screen text box.

Statutory Sick Pay: Aimed at helping employers to understand what to do when an employee goes off sick? Covering periods of incapacity for work (PIW) this webinar also explains linking periods, qualifying conditions and how much to pay.

Mo‌nd‌ay 6 Au‌gu‌st – mi‌dd‌ay to 1p‌m                         Book here

Statutory Maternity and Paternity Pay: About to experience an employee becoming a parent? Find out if they meet the qualifying conditions, how much they’re entitled to and what can be claimed back.

Th‌ur‌sd‌ay 9 Au‌gu‌st – 9a‌m to 1‌0a‌m                          Book here

Shared Parental Pay and Leave: Partners can share parental pay and leave during the year following the birth of their child. HMRC will tell you about employers’ responsibilities, important dates and rates and the records to keep.

F‌ri‌da‌y 1‌0 Au‌gu‌st – 9a‌m to 1‌0a‌m                             Book here

Try out the first version of the Statutory Sick Pay online guide and then let HMRC know what you think.

CIPP comment

The CIPP policy team attend the Statutory Payments Consultation Group and would very much like to hear your comments about the SSP online guide. Email your comments to [email protected].

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