HMRC webinars on travel, trivial and other typical employee benefits

06 September 2018

If you reimburse your employees’ travel expenses or provide them with a company car or van, find out what you need to report to HMRC in its live and recorded webinars.

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Expenses and benefits – trivial benefits

This webinar uses examples to explain what trivial benefits are, whether they need to be reported and your responsibilities as an employer.

Friday 7 September 11am to 11.45am

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To find out how to deal with paying expenses and providing benefits to your employees from the basics to more specific benefits. HMRC have a range of recorded webinars at a time to suit you.

Expenses and benefits – phones, internet and homeworkingFind out how to deal with tax and National Insurance when an employer provides a mobile phone, internet connection or homeworking expenses.

Expenses and benefits – employee travel - Learn about travel and subsistence expenses, benchmark scale rates, incidental overnight expenses and more.