Research shows caring responsibilities at work could lead to discrimination

19 October 2018

The UNISON survey was carried out in April and May 2018 and involved 2,940 public service workers, key findings suggested that:

  • 47% the survey respondents thought employers discriminate against employees who are responsible for looking after loved ones
  • 78% believe that staying in a job is harder for carers or parents.
  • 76% of carers and parents have needed to make changes to their careers

More than one in ten (14%) say they have been turned down for promotion or decided not to ask for a more senior role.

At a time when the Government are seeking to reduce the UK Gender Pay Gap, these findings are disappointing and a parliamentary event chaired Christina McAnea, was held recently to discuss the survey findings.

UNISON assistant general secretary Christina McAnea said:

.“Parents and carers represent a huge proportion of the workforce. Employers have everything to gain by helping them juggle their home and work responsibilities. It’s vital they get the support they need.”

Coram Family and Childcare associate director Ellen Broomé said:

 “Too many workers are struggling to stay in work while also caring for their loved ones, but our research found plenty of reasons to be positive. There are simple changes that employers can make that really help carers and parents, and there is widespread public support for action from government and employers.

“With carers and parents making up a third of the workforce, and numbers set to increase, now is the time for action to make sure everyone can get the support they need.”