Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) Rebate Scheme launched

26 May 2020

The Statutory Sick Pay Reclaim Scheme will be open to employers who had fewer than 250 employees at 28 February and also had an active PAYE scheme at that date.

The Coronavirus outbreak has introduced two new reasons, into the SSP regulations, for incapacity:

Self-isolation was introduced through regulations, from 13 March, where an eligible employee:

  • Is showing signs of coronavirus,
  • Is living with someone who has coronavirus

Shielding was brought in through regulations from 16 April and will occur where an employee has received a letter issued by the NHS, their GP or their hospital consultant informing them that they should remain shielded for a period of 12 weeks.

Employers, wishing to make a claim will need to have access to PAYE online or have authorised their agent to act on their behalf for PAYE online.

Information that is needed includes:

  • Employer PAYE reference number
  • Contact details i.e. name and phone number, of the person making the claim – or who can help in the event of a query
  • UK bank account or building society account sort code and account number, plus the name on the account and the address of account holder (that is used with that account) – where the account can receive BACs payments
  • The total amount of SSP paid due to coronavirus absence to eligible employees
  • Number of employees being claimed for
  • Start and end date of claim

The weekly rate of SSP that will have been paid is either £94.25 up to 5 April 2020, and since 6 April 2020 is now £95.85.

The employer must keep complete records of the absences, including which days would have been qualifying days, for three years following receipt of payment. For Coronavirus absence SSP becomes payable from the first day of absence but the period of absence must be a minimum of four days.

State Aid

In making the claim the employer will be declaring that their claim will not take them over the allowable state aid limit allowed which will be €800,000. If the employer is in the agricultural sector the limit is €100,000 or the aquaculture and fisheries sector where it is €120,000.

For guidance and to make a claim see


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