Why you should attend

This course forms part of the face-to-face delivery option for the Payroll Technician Certificate. But can also be attended as a stand-alone course.


PAYE income tax and National Insurance Contributions are the largest source of remittances all employers must accurately deduct and forward to HMRC on time. Calculating these correctly is a fundamental skill for all in payroll.


Beginning with calculating gross pay and establishing the different categories of deductions, this course moves to cover in-depth the rates, thresholds and methodologies for manually calculate income tax and NICs using both manual and table methods. By the end of the day, you will be able to perform a gross to net calculation, understand the extra considerations required for calculating pay for starters and leavers and the information required on a pay statement.

What you will learn

This one-day training course discusses the rules around taxation of benefits in kind and highlights the opportunities which they present to employers.


To understand the complexity of the taxation of benefits in kind for Irish payroll

Course content

  • BIK valuation rules
  • What is notional pay?
  • Use of company assets
  • Mobile phones and payment of home phone bills (including internet)
  • Medical insurance
  • Rules for Share Based Remuneration (including the new KEEP scheme)
  • Deadline for collection of PAYE, PRSI and USC from employees and hidden costs
  • Administration, records to be maintained, annual Revenue reports - employer's obligations and Forms P11D

Prior learning required

This course is not designed for those new to Irish payroll. You need to have a working/operational knowledge in either Irish payroll or HR capacity, ideally (though not essentially) at supervisor level or above.


You may have already studied the following courses too:

  • Irish practical payroll
  • Irish payroll regulations - intermediate

Continuing your learning

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