website key info icon.png   Duration: 1.5 hours, completed within 21 days access
  Delivery: eLearning
   CPD: 1 point

Payroll year end can be challenging for payroll professionals, whether they are veterans or new to the field. This short eLearning course covers all the information you need to effectively handle the end of the tax year and the start of the new one.


Why you should attend

Attending this course will ensure that your year end process will run smoothly year after year. The course will include step by step checklists to assist your year end process, along with all new rates and thresholds for the new tax year.

What you will learn

Starting with closing the current tax year, this course will walk you through the entire process of making sure the closing tax year is handled appropriately before moving on to a new tax year and its considerations. The course also covers a range of common scenarios, such as what to do with leavers or overpayment recovery processes that span the end of the tax year.

After completing the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the requirements for completing the year-end process
  • Adhere to the deadlines for the supply and production of end of year documents
  • Update statutory information in the payroll system based on the order of priority
  • Apply best practice techniques to overpayment recoveries made through the payroll that span several tax years.

Course content

  •  The year-end process
    • Reconciling end of year values
    • Year end reporting
    • Correcting errors
    • Paying HMRC
  • Year end documents
    • P60
    • P11D and P11D(b)
    • Annual statement of payrolled benefits
    • PAYE settlement agreement submission (PSA1)
  • Starting a new tax year
    • Tax code changes
    • National Insurance certificates
    • Statutory payment changes
    • National Minimum Wage (NMW)
    • Automatic enrolment thresholds
    • Childcare voucher basic earnings assessments
  • Other considerations for year-end
    • New starters
    • Leavers
    • TUPE considerations
    • Backdated pay awards
    • Overpayment recovery

Prior learning required

Although there is no specific prior learning required this course will cover many payroll processes at a high level. Some familiarity with PAYE and NICs processes and HMRC reporting will be beneficial to gain the most out of this eLearning.

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