Chartered membership application

How will your application be scored?

Based on the competency frameworks, the following scores will apply

0 = no experience
1 = experienced to associate level
2 = experienced to full level
3 = experienced to Chartered level

A minimum of 80% is needed in order to be granted Chartered membership status.

If you do not meet the required criteria, there are two potential outcomes.

  1. Fail – applicant is unable to evidence experience at Chartered level. If your application fails, you will be offered a free of charge application within three years of the first application. You will receive feedback from your application.
  2. Resubmission – You have evidenced your experience, but the panel require further clarification or expansion on the application. You will receive feedback from your application.

Resubmissions will not incur any extra cost. There is a maximum of one resubmission within twelve months. After this point, your application will be regarded as a new application and the assessment fee, at the time of application, will be charged.

If you have been classed as unsuccessful, you may formally appeal against the decision which will then be reviewed by the nominations and appeals committee. If the decision is upheld, there will be no further redress.

How will your application be assessed?

Your application will be initially screened by the membership team to ensure the form is completed correctly. Any missing information will be requested before the invoice for the assessment fee is issued.

Assessment panels are held monthly and comprise of a minimum of three existing Chartered members, all of which are active in the industry, so are ideally placed to review your application.

How long does the process take?

Your application will be submitted to the monthly panel once all checks have been completed and the invoice for the assessment has been paid.

Due to lead times for each panel date, your application will be reviewed at the next available panel. The process may take up to three months, with additional time added if a resubmission is required.

How much will it cost?





Application fee




Chartered full/fellow



Existing paid members that are successful will be upgraded free of charge until their next renewal.

Twelve month fee, reviewed annually.