What’s new in 2017-18 for employers

06 April 2017


Join HMRC’s Talking Points webinar on Wednesday 19 April to find out what payroll changes are coming in for the 2017-18 tax year.


HMRC’s Talking Points meetings aim to help make things easier for Agents and their clients, by providing up-to-date information, guidance and tips.

Delegates will have the opportunity to ask questions during the meeting (the organiser will explain how on the day). A webcam or microphone is not needed.

The interactive meetings will be run on the ‘CITRIX’ platform and will provide an overview of recent MTD announcements.


There are two digital meetings looking at the payroll changes from April 2017, so choose the time to suit you by clicking on one of the links below to register:


If you have any questions for the subject experts, please send them to team.agentengagement@hmrc.gsi.gov.uk prior to the meeting, including the title of the meeting in the ‘Subject’ line of your email.