2021 BACS processing calendar published

23 September 2020

The BACS processing calendar for the year 2021 has been made available online. Payroll professionals may consider this a valuable tool, for use when establishing what the important dates for next year are, in terms of ensuring employees are paid on time.

The calendar is extremely useful as it highlights which dates on the calendar are non-input and non-processing days. This includes any weekend dates, or any bank holidays, which do not count as working days. This is obviously important as BACS payments clear in bank accounts two working days after the date that they are submitted, so if, for example, a payment was submitted to BACS on 23 September 2020, it would clear in a bank account on 25 September 2020, so the third day of the cycle effectively. This is because on the second day, the payments are being processed by the bank.

There is also a BACS processing calendar available for the current year – 2020- to help assist payroll professionals in planning for the pay dates that are left between now and the end of the year.


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