LEBC's æComply webinar

08 September 2014

This webinar is taking place on the 16 September and is aimed at helping payroll professionals plan effectively for automatic enrolment, as well as improving the automatic enrolment processes for those who have already staged but not as well as they would have liked!

Whether you are planning for your employing organisation, or multiple clients, there are various factors for consideration to ensure that you are prepared ahead of your staging date. This webinar will provide an insight into the considerations and estimated timescales for delivery, whilst demonstrating æComply, LEBC’s ‘end to end’ solution to effective automatic enrolment planning and implementation.

Who should attend?

  • Payroll professionals implementing automatic enrolment within their organisations
  • Service providers delivering automatic enrolment for their clients
  • Accountants who offer payroll and automatic enrolment as part of their service
  • Those that have already staged, but can see room for improvement to ensure compliance or reduced costs to the organisation

To book onto this webinar event, please visit our website or phone 0121 712 1000.